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Equinox Collection

"Girl with a Pearl Earring"

Here in the re-imagining of ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ (Johannes Vermeer 1665), the flat oil painting becomes dimensionalized. We step through the looking glass and into the portrait, frozen in time. The camera explores a more intimate relationship with our subject, investigating the details of the cracking paint and subtle light across her face. The form of the girl becomes appended with a blooming floral arrangement, representing the passing of time with something that is timeless, nature. 

"Going Green"

We’re transported to a remote desert location, desolate and dry.  A luxury car reflects the barren landscape from its manufactured shell. We see a wave of energy wash over the surface, re-imagining the steel shell as a fertile garden.

"Great Basin Skate Heaven"

We follow a skater as they perform tricks and stunts in a skaters paradise, located in the Utah Great Basin. The idyllic sunset scene bears witness to the transfer of energy between this floral figure and the contrasting concrete environment beneath, saturated in graffiti. The figure acting as a catalyst, pollinates the park causing nature to reclaim the concrete.

"Brooklyn Brownstone"

A transfer of energy rushes from the street to the tall brownstone buildings of Brooklyn, transforming the iconic architecture in a vertical garden  

"The collection presents surrealist depictions of the everyday as it is overtaken by nature. An invisible catalyst moves through each piece - a transfer of natural energy that pollinates each environment, reimagining it as an expansive floral tapestry."

"Angels Gate"

The introduction of floral growth finds itself in evolving on the more unexpected, non-organic surfaces in the scene - populating the graphic and geometric lines of the basketball court markings.
The piece takes its title from the idyllic basketball court in Angels Gate Park, San Pedro CA.

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