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Physical & Digital installation

Louis Vuitton '200 Visionaries' 

For Louis Vuitton's 200th birthday, LV invited 200 visionary artists from around the world to reinterpret the classic LV Trunk to be displayed in their Maison shopfront windows worldwide. 
I created a futuristic take on the classic Louis pattern with evolving chromatic colors over a liquid-like metallic surface. 

Artwork : Shane Griffin

Client : Louis Vuitton

Year : 2021

Location : Worldwide & Online

The trunk was an homage to the classic Louis Vuitton pattern, rendered in futuristic reflective material with an iridescent sheen. Presented on a 6 sided LED rectangle, the artwork is constructed in the same dimensions as the first ever LV luggage.

The installation also featured a large scale robot made of LED displays.

Pictured here is Louis Vuitton's flagship Maison on Fifth Avenue, New York

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