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The Legend of AJ1

Unbanned - The Legend of AJ1

Unbanned is a documentary that shows how the Air Jordan 1 shoe kick-started a social and cultural revolution in sport, sneakers and fashion. It features appearances from Spike Lee, Michael B. Jordan, DJ Khaled, Lena Waithe, Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook, Chuck D, David Stern, Tinker Hatfield and more.
The title sequence sees an abstracted representation of "the hero's journey". In literature, the hero's journey is a 12 step story that involves a hero who goes on an adventure, and after an unforeseen death returns to triumph, only to be transformed into a being of supernatural wonder. We felt this vividly mirrored the journey of the AJ1, and used it as our narrative guide for the title sequence. 

Direction : Shane Griffin
Design & Animation  : 

Morten Kuhl-Christensen
Jose Checa
Shane Griffin

Sam Cividanis
Chris Phillips

Year: 2018

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