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Classical sculptures becomes reinterpreted as a four dimensional form. The audience is presented with a shifting perspective of the sculpture, mirroring the conflicting perspectives of our own history and religions, both of which are become distorted through time. It draws a parallel between our history and current political landscapes, where it has become harder than ever to decipher truth from bias, with two realities presented at any given time. 

The works each progressively fracture into fragments of the initial mold, creating a complex and impossible interpenetrating form, they shift back and forth before regressively returning to the start, the loop continues endlessly. The sculptures are to be enjoyed in the static, moving, and 3D dimensional form, owners of the NFT's will receive digital sculpture for their virtual galleries. 

Location : Online

Format : Digital
Year: 2021

'"Pieta in 4 dimensions"
('Pieta' -Michelangelo 1498)

"Heavens Hallways"
('Christ on the Crucifix' - Donatello 1444 - 1449) 

"Mount Hercules" 

(-'Bust' Lysippos 1776)

"Athlete Wrestling with a Python" in 4-Dimensions
(-Frederic Leighton 1877)

All collectors will receive a .glb file for their virtual galleries.

"Hercules in 4 dimensions"
('Farnese Hercules'-Glykon 216 AD)

Entire Collection

"Davids' Refuge"

('David' -Michelangelo 1501)

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